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About company

WMT Baltic is proud to be part of WeMaTec group of companies and has been operating in the Market of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as well as in the Scandinavian countries since 1993. The Company was formed in 1993, the main business direction was distribution of technologies and materials used in the area of visualization and advertising interior.


There are more then 70 employees working today in the company in the offices in Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Tallinn (Estonia). Having professional personnel WMT Baltic offers samples of the latest and advanced techniques and materials. The technologies allow client to solve the most complicated problems and to realize the daring ideas.


WMT Baltic consists of several independent business departments: engineering-technical centre –, which specializes in wide format printing, prototyping and engraving equipment. department is leading supplier of plastic sheets and technical solutions in the area of facade constructions in the Baltic Market. Traditionally, the main business direction of the company is offering all materials and equipments necessary for visual advertising production such as self adhesive films, displays, the media for digital printing.


Presence of modern warehouse and office complex in Riga with more than 2000m2 allows the company to provide excellent deliveries logistic of the goods to its clients.





Company history


1993: The first shop is opened in Riga (Latvia), the first professional shop selling materials for visual advertising and sign making.
1996: The full range of self-adhesive materials is offered to the market. The beginning of cooperation with Neschen AG company.
1998: Company registration under the name WMT Baltic. Dramatical extantion of the trading areas up to 1000м2
1999: The company has begun selling plastic sheets and became the exclusive representative of company Kommerling in the Baltic countries
2001: Creation of Engeeneering – technical centre Signmaker is the first company to introduce Roland products to the Baltic market, the main distributor of  Roland Techniques. The beginning of business cooperation with kompanies KPMF and X-Film.
2002: Office complex and show room is opened with an aria of more than 2000m2.
2003: Start of cooperation with companies Lucite International and Kaysersberg – great expansion in the Plastic Sheets assortment. Foundation of new Department
2004: Introduction of Several own trade marks such as W-led, More Displays.
2004: Office premises and Technical Centre are opened in Vilnius (Lithuania). The beginning of trade in Scandinavian countries.
2005: Start of business cooperation with Mecanumeric company (Milling techniques) and Teckwin (wide format printers.) is the first company to introduce these products to the Baltic Market.  2006: Edition of own magazine „Visual Side” and organization of “Sign Forum Baltic” Conference. Bermaq products introduction to the Baltic Market.
2007: Own development center and laboratory group are created .